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This little mum blog is now 'Mental as a Mother'

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hello, lovely followers! I'm so happy you're here.

I started this little blog on a whim last year after one too many people had told me 'You should start a Mum blog'.

I'd eyerolled each time, of course, like that was just what the world needed.

But in the end I decided that I did have something to say, and Wow Cool a Mum Blog was born.

The name was intended to poke fun at the whole Mum blogger phenomenon, but it really didn't speak to the purpose of the blog which has now become crystal clear to me; women and mothers sharing GENUINE stories with other women and mothers.

So many of us enter this life-altering role of motherhood with our blinkers on (thanks, social conditioning!), and when we find ourselves 'not loving every second', we think we're the only ones feeling that way.

I'm so passionate about sharing honest stories of motherhood and mental health, and have big plans for my little blog in 2022. Did someone say... podcast?

Aside from being catchy as hell, I hope that my new name, 'Mental as a Mother', makes it crystal clear what my brand is all about - connecting women and mothers with the stories of others sharing similar experiences. For us all to find something that gives us that goosebump-y 'ugh, me too' moment. That lets us know we're not alone, and if we need extra help, it's not just ok to ask for it, it's vital that we do.

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