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The ‘Family Poo’ and other weird stuff my kid does

Our almost 4-year-old, Ivy, has a pre-bed ritual where she needs to do a ‘Family Poo’. A Mummy poo, a Mama poo, a Baby Luca poo, and a poo for all pets, past and present.

Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to squeeze out enough nuggets such that all family members are accounted for.

Last night while waiting for the plops to drop, I got to thinking “Faaarrr out, my kid’s weird”.

But also, isn’t it cool getting to see the world through the eyes of a little weirdo like her?

Ivy lives in her own little world full of imaginary play. Everything is about ‘being a rescue’ or a superhero. I fucking love that she sees herself as brave and strong. Maybe this super self-critical Mummy is doing something right after all!

So I’d love to know, what weird sh*t does your kid do? Can you top the Family Plop? Game on, Mamas.

*Future Ivy, please don’t hate me for sharing this story. I’ll buy you a puppy!

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