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How I finally got over myself (no I didn't) to start this blog (yes I did)

What the world needs least in this moment is another Mummy blogger wingnut with an audience, a heavily filtered online 'life', and nothing much to say. But here I am anyway - sucked in!

I'm a quite capable and passionate but rather unhelpfully anxious wife, Mum and, Communications professional. If you know me, you know I like to talk. A lot.

I love human stories and am what you'd call an over-sharer. For me, that's where the golden fairy magic dust is in this life - sharing a story with someone who, while stroking their goose-bumped arm, sits up a little straighter, looks you right in the eye and says 'same here'.

And funny! Did I mention that I'm funny? Funny in a real "I'm an Army kid who went to 10 schools so I'd better dance, monkey!", self-deprecating way, but still. It's a good time.

My life is a beautiful clusterfuck. I'm trying to focus on celebrating the good bits, but I also promise to be entirely honest about the shit bits. Can't say I won't apply the odd Instagram filter, though.

Hey, I said I'm a feminist, not a masochist.

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